The 2 Laws You Need To Know About Right Now Thanks To Covid

Published March 30th, 2020 by Kai Jacobs

The coronavirus/COVID-19 has made two things very clear to us at the South Florida Business Law Group.  First, government can move quickly to enact laws when pressed.  Second, government enacted a number of laws to help you right now.  While states and local governments are taking action on their own, these are the latest out of Washington, DC:

  •  FFCRA- the Families First Corona Virus Response Act – this new federal law is meant to help workers whose workplaces remain open and seek take paid leave on or after April 1.  Specifics are here
  • CARES – the Corona Virus Aid, Relief, And Economic Securities Act - this new law not only offers direct payments to individuals and families, but offers large and small business relief, provides relief with respect to payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, 401(k) loans.  Specifics are here

Help is out there and right now the system is moving to mobilize the economy, keep you working and give businesses support so they can stay open.  Of course, the statutes are lengthy and come with a number of exceptions, conditions, and qualifiers.  If you have questions, let us know and we will do everything to get you clarity and to the right program.

Stay strong.  

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